Electric Vehicles

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors

* Installation of electric vehicle charging systems
* Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
* Ventilitation systems for equipment
* Ventilitation calculations for indoor sites
* Site Assessment
* Electrified truck parking spaces


electric car home charging station installation

Install of Tesla Fast Charging system for client Becky Strickland.

Constructing the electric vehicle infrastructure:

Across the United States ongoing legislation, the Obama administration goal of one million plug in vehicles on the road by 2015, tax credits and the mundane idea of reducing the poundage of carbon dioxide has contributed to the increasing deployment of electric vehicles.
In November 2009, the electrification coalition published the “Electrification Roadmap” a public policy guide for transforming 75% of the miles traveled in the United States by the light-duty ground transportation system (comprised mainly of privately owned vehicles for personal use) into electric miles by 2040. To support this goal, the report calls for the initial establishment of “electrification ecosystems”.
These public systems are currently being installed almost unnoticed. It is apparent that once the cars get on the road that electric vehicle charging will be commonplace in residences. It can be estimated that 90% of charging will take place at home during the night. Think of your I phone –in the morning you wake up and your car is fully charged.

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